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Get Your Backflow Preventer Device Testing in NYC

Minimize your chance of getting a penalty or violation on water contamination. Plumbing Plumbing & Plumbing Corp. in NYC ensures to keep your water safe & clean by testing your backflow preventer devices.
It doesn’t matter where you have a backflow preventer installed, as long as you’ve one, you’re liable by law to annually get your backflow preventer testing done by a master plumber in NYC.
How Backflow Device Works

What are the Testing Requirements for Backflow Preventer Installation?

As per Section 20-04(e), Rules Governing and Restricting the Use and Supply of Water,

If you own a property with at least one or more backflow prevention devices installed, then each device is to be tested by a master plumber certified by the NYC state government annually. The generated report from the Certified Backflow Preventer Device Tester will then be submitted to The New York City Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) to ensure the backflow device is functioning optimally at the said location.
Filing the report with the NYC state department will keep you in the safe zone from paying off unwanted penalties.

What Happens When You Don’t Get Your Backflow Preventer Device Tested?

The law states, those individuals who fail to comply with the rules may eventually receive a notice of violation (NOV). The notice will sanction a fine of $500 on every device which is left untested. So in case, if you don’t want to end up getting a penalty, you should immediately file your backflow preventer device signed certificate to the authorities.
What if I receive an (NOV) and my backflow preventer device testing was scheduled for a later date?
As long as the DEP holds a certificate in writing from a Licensed Master Plumber (LMP) that a backflow preventer device testing process is in queue for your property, the court will void your Notice of Violation (NOV). Still, if your NOV is not declined by the DEP, you can bring your backflow preventer device certificate and a sealed report to your hearing. The court will consider your plea and reduce your penalty.

Why Hire a Backflow Preventer Device Testing Specialist?

Don’t wait for a government notice to arrive at your doorstep with a hefty $500 fine for every preventer device installed at your premises. Hire a professional master plumber from Plumbing Plumbing & Plumbing Corp. in NYC to provide you with an authentic certificate and a complete report on your backflow preventer’s performance.
Backflow Device Repairs

We Provide Testing for All Types of Backflow Preventers

Whether you’ve a sewer backflow preventer installed at your property or a sprinkler backflow preventer, our licensed master plumbers can perform testing for all types of backflow preventers. Backflow preventer device testing is essential because it is part of a NYC DEP drinking water program. The testing is a mandatory part of the New York State Sanitary Code to prevent sewage or irrigation water to backup and intermix with the fresh water supply.

What Does a Backflow Preventer Device Do?

A backflow preventer device ensures the water flow at your property stays flowing in one-way. In case of any unexpected pressure build-ups or pressure drops, backflow prevention devices will ensure contaminated water does not back up and mix with the fresh water supply lines.
The testing is essential as it will remove your property from the potential risk of creating a problem with the public water supply. As a NYC resident, it is your primary responsibility to get your backflow preventer device tested! Let our Licensed Master Plumber (LMP) help you do your duty to the state.
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